Trim-Advisor™ is a cost-effective, turnkey solution to determine the most efficient sailing condition applicable to your vessel. Due to its simplicity, Trim-Advisor™ is revolutionary. The tool has the aim to assist Charterers, Operators & Owners.  It requires no hardware, no software installation nor expensive investments. Trim-Advisor™ only require some basic, readily available data and is able to provide you with a Vessel Draft Analyse within 48 hours of receiving the required data. Other solutions require lengthy processes like CFD-Model techniques or Tow-Tank tests and are extremely expensive. Trim-Advisor™ is not expensive, yet very accurate.

In order to prepare your vessel’s trim-advice, we simply need a set of data which is commonly available. All ordering is done through our online portal for which each user receives a unique login. Once login details are provided, you can simply create a vessel by completing the order form and uploading the required documents. With the login, you will also be able to select a vessel’s dataset previously ordered by your colleague and see the current status of the ordering process.

Upon receipt, our analysts will start working to create a ship, specific model. This model will be saved in our GDPR-compliant database for future usage and to simplify your next order. Once the ship specific model is created, the specific voyage will be created and sent to you in a pdf format. Apart from the suggested sailing drafts and potential savings, a maximum wave height will be advised as well.
Take a look at an example advisory here.

In our view, optimum trim is a dynamic situation and could change along the voyage, depending on the weather conditions. Especially in high seas, a submerged propeller is more efficient. Trim-Advisor™ takes this into consideration. our advice will, therefore, include a maximum wave height to which our advice is applicable.

As you can see, Trim-Advisor™, is, therefore, a unique and cost-effective solution for your optimized trim, enabling you to save on your fuel bill as soon as you start using it. Contact us still today to start your trial. You will be amazed.