In order for a vessel to load in her loading port, the vessel will need to sail to that port in ballast. Whilst every Ship Owner, Charterer or operator care’s about the cargo intake and routing, many seems to forget to properly look into the potential extra cost that is caused by inefficient ballast conditions. Is the propellor properly submerged, is the draft sufficient considering the weather for the coming days, and many more.

We note that this is often not the case. Owners, Charterers and Operators often, if not always, let the Master of the specific vessel decide which ballast draft he applies for the coming voyage. Also, many times a vessel will take heavy ballast for an ocean crossing, whilst the weather could still be good for a number of days, prior the vessel would actually need to take heavy ballast. Once in a heavy ballast condition, the vessel (and Owners/Charterer) do not care any further and just simply continue to sail in heavy ballast condition.

Recent cases showed an average of US$ 700,- per day savings when our optimum ballast condition was applied. And the good thing? An optimum ballast condition is a single investment assessment. If you are a Ship Owner, you could apply it for as long as the vessel is in your ownership. Charterer, again, you can use it for as long as she is under your commercial management.

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