In today’s shipping, the correlation between shipping practice ashore and commercial awareness onboard is further away than ever. The real understanding and dedication to scrutinize a stowage plan in order to load each and every metric ton possible is not seen very often anymore.

Rensmarine will offer this service for you. Quick, precise and accurate. If required, for instance due to Shippers’ or buyers’ demands, we can revise our comments and suggestions, so the plan would be workable for all parties. This means that sometimes loading less cargo could eventually increase your revenues.

We only require the stowage plan, submitted by the Master together with the contractual details, stowage factors, draft limitations and densities plus your intended bunker plan for the voyage.

Upon request, we are able to assist with filling AMSA, Transport Canada and US NCB or any other requirement. With our extended network of staff and surveyors, we could even assist the Master onboard at the actual loadport in case you ran into trouble.

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