Laytime calculations are part of the Freight and form an essential part of your revenues.
It is therefore of most importance that these calculations are made correctly and are accurate.

Not only the main terms are important. Every detail in the Charterparty could have a great impact.
For instance, placing a gangway. Whilst this could be excluded from laytime, if so, these 15 minutes could eventually mean going on demurrage on Friday at 16:58 or on Monday at 08:13. At a rate of US$ 10.000 per day, the difference is US$ 26.340.

Apart from making the calculation, we believe a 2nd pair of eyes to review the calculation is an absolute must-have. In the event your employee is making this calculation, we could offer this service as well.

As you note, Companies with limited staff or expertise will greatly benefit from our vast experience.

Time is money and hence, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to serve and protect your interest.